Ben Butler-Bonnice

Ben is the head instructor at Jean Jacques Machado Melbourne, the BJJ program housed within Melbourne Budo Academy. He is a direct affiliate of Master Jean Jacques Machado. Ben was introduced briefly to BJJ in 2008 under Stewart Moulden, prior to travelling to China to practice Chinese Kung-Fu for one year. Upon return in mid 2009 BJJ has been the main focus and he currently holds the rank of brown belt under Professor Stewart Moulden and Jean Jacques Machado.

During this time he has also developed freestyle wrestling and submission grappling experience with numerous trips overseas. Notably, spent a semester in 2014 training freestyle wrestling in Canada at the University of Calgary, under head coach Mitch Ostburg.


  • 10+ years Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • 4+ years freestyle wrestling
  • 2x Months training BJJ in Brasil/Argentina
  • 2x training camps Muay Thai in Thailand
  • Amateur boxing, KyoKushin Karate and Muay Thai experience
  • Competition experience in freestyle wrestling Aus Cup, Aus Nationals and Dino's invitational Calgary.
  • Competed in Pan Pacific, Melbourne Open and Aus National BJJ competitions.

Ben is also a qualified Physiotherapist and is dedicated to focusing on the martial arts and building the Team at Budo academy.