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Aikido is a graceful, powerful and dynamic traditional Japanese martial art famous for its non-aggressive approach to self-defence.

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The Melbourne Budo Academy acknowledges the beauty, elegance, and power of Japanese martial arts; and its inseparable link to discovering one’s potential to a life of personal growth and character development.

At the Melbourne Budo Academy we see the practice of martial arts as a way of life; an aesthetic avenue to self-improvement, fulfilment, or personal growth encircling physical, spiritual, and moral aspects.

Budo, has its origins in the arts called Bugei, or martial performance, and Bujutsu, or martial skills, both developed by the Samurai of ancient Japan. Whilst Bugei developed during Japan’s extensive period of civil war, Bujutsu was developed at a time of peace.

It is the Melbourne Budo Academy’s aim to study the old to understand the new, providing a passage for people to orient themselves and create focus in their lives. We wish to share the virtues of the martial arts by continuing the study and practice of Budo, which were very much an integral part of the Samurai’s lifestyle. Our aim is that by the study and practice of these valuable ancient theories it will empower individuals to live a happier and fuller life, becoming also a benefit to the wider community.

Interested but not sure what’s for you? Give us a call and come down for a free intro class to find the right art for you.


Benefits of Aikido

Fundamentally, the purpose of Aikido is self-defence, but the outcome of Aikido’s inherently non-aggressive philosophy are effective techniques using minimal strength. Unlike other martial arts, Aikido techniques can be applied at various levels of severity, from the most gentle controlling techniques to the most severe counter measures. Therefore, it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age.

In addition to the physical benefits such as increased coordination, stamina, fitness, weight loss, flexibility, mental focus and a general sense of well-being, Aikido is a path of self development, leading to the integration of mind, body and spirit which permeates through to other aspects of life.

Aikido Kids Classes

Aikido Kids classes are designed as high paced, fun activity classes. Kids learn skills such as ukemi (break falls), kihon dosa (basic movements), and play games that help develop their Aikido skills. Physical challenges are set individually to a level that is difficult but achievable. Children get a great sense of satisfaction when they achieve and this reinforces both their self confidence and self esteem. Through Aikido, children are exposed to basic elements of Japanese language and culture. Emphasis is placed on group work, cooperation and self respect. Training is always done in a safe environment. For more information, please click here.