The Melbourne Budo Academy offers world class instruction in the traditional martial arts of Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shinkendo (Japanese swordsmanship),  Japanese Jujutsu, and Judo.

Each discipline of martial art at Melbourne Budo Academy is headed by highly ranked and experienced instructors, with a strong direct lineage to the founders of their respective arts.

Our unique Japanese-style dojo is located in the inner city suburb of Abbotsford, close to Melbourne’s CBD.

The Academy

The Melbourne Budo Academy focuses on studying the ancient theory of martial arts and applying its virtues to a modern context and practice. At the core of our philosophy, Melbourne Budo Academy believes that martial arts provides a means for our students to constantly improve and strengthen their mental and physical character.

Through studying and practicing the beauty, elegance, and power of ancient martial arts and their theories, students learn about the discipline, precision, strength and hence effectiveness required of techniques.

On a deeper level, Melbourne Budo Academy considers the practice of martial arts a way of life; an aesthetic avenue to self-improvement, personal growth, and character development, encircling physical, spiritual, and moral aspects. The philosophical and physical commitment required of martial arts provides a passage for people to orient themselves and create focus in their lives, which can be applied to other aspects of their daily activities, and empowering individuals to live a happier and fuller life.

Academy News

Interview with Washizu Terumi Sensei, Gyokushin Ryu Aikido

Whilst Jon Marshall Shihan was in Shizuoka Japan in October 2017, he was lucky enough to conduct a rare interview with Washizu Terumi Sensei, the founder of the Gyokushin ryu style of Aikido. The interview len...

Aiki Elements Seminar

Join us on the 7th of August for our Aiki Elements: Fundamental Principles & Applications seminar.

The Road to Budo Longevity: Balance

Why are you training? Fitness? Self-defense? Want to get stronger? All theses reasons are valid and will be different for everyone, in fact they probably continue to change as you go further down the path and ...

The Dojo

Melbourne Budo Academy is located on Level 1, 96A Hoddle Street at the heart of the vibrant and family-friendly suburb of Abbotsford near Melbourne’s CBD.

The Abbotsford dojo is a full-time purpose-built traditional Japanese dojo, featuring 130 square metres of Japanese tatami mats on a sprung floor. The lofty ceilings lend themselves to martial arts throws and sword techniques, whilst the walls hold the sword racks, Japanese calligraphy, and the “shomen” (wall containing the pictures of the founders of the respective martial arts).